Psychological safety workshops

Using Amy Edmondson's Psychological Safety Index, we will administer her unique questionnaire for your team, and debrief the results with you as a team.  Importantly, we will support you to explore what behaviours in your team account for your scores, what you want to maintain or build on, and what you may want to change.  We will facilitate and support you to build and implement your bespoke plan. Your motivation may be the improvement of wellbeing, of performance and efficiency, of collaboration, or of innovation, or team development.


Other workshops and facilitation

We offer workshops and facilitation for groups and teams, on topics including:

  • Maximising wellbeing
  • Enhancing resilience
  • Managing transition
  • The First 90 Days: hitting the ground running
  • Stress management
  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Managing strategic relationships

All our workshops are designed on a bespoke basis according to our clients’ requirements. We will be delighted to talk to you to about the right programme for your needs.



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