Our clients

Our clients are often under sustained pressure, having to deliver high-quality work within demanding and fixed deadlines.  They may be functioning in new, unfamiliar or turbulent conditions and they may find themselves in an ever-changing landscape.  

They are likely to be experiencing the stress and potential burnout that come from uncertainty and destabilisation at a time when they are working under pressure, but when they need to hit the ground running and produce results quickly.  The multiple demands and stresses associated with such change, can, if not well managed, be significantly distracting and can have a negative impact on individual, team and firm productivity, profitability and effectiveness.

In our experience a difficult transition often has multiple, complex aspects.  When exposed in the midst of that transition, seeking to satisfy commercial demands, emotional and logistical readjustment, political imperatives within the organisation that individuals may not be aware of, and family pressures, the risk is that that they fail to deliver a return on investment fast enough, fail to align and inspire their team, get hijacked by their own emotional responses into enacting inappropriate behaviour, or make assumptions which may lead them down the wrong route, sometimes with serious consequences.

Through it all, they need to excel under pressure.


What our clients say

My coaching allowed me to take time away from the day to day, slow down and reflect. It heightened my awareness of others around me and allowed me to think about the team. It has given me self-permission to look after myself, reflect on positives and work out what really matters.


A personal thank you from me as I have found the programme and your coaching hugely beneficial.


Calm and measured.  Offered good balance of listening and direction, challenge and support.


Very calm and a good listener – thoughtful – observant, caring, empathetic but prepared to challenge (nicely!).


I have a renewed sense of value, self-worth, confidence and perspective.  My coach was a good listener, asked searching questions and made suggestions where appropriate - a good balance. Always followed up on actions and was encouraging and genuinely interested and pleased to see progress: calming and considered.


I didn’t think the interventions would produce such impactful results.


My coach was reflective, calm and thoughtful, and constructively challenged what I said without being negative or instructional. This gave me the room and time to reflect on my initial thoughts and expressions.







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