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Our clients

Our clients are business leaders and professionals who are undergoing a transition from one country to another, from one role to another or from one organisational culture to another. They may be functioning in new, unfamiliar or turbulent market conditions and they may find themselves in an ever-changing regulatory landscape.  

They are likely to be experiencing the stress and potential burnout that come from uncertainty and destabilisation at a time when they are working under pressure but when they need to hit the ground running and produce business results quickly.  The multiple demands and stresses associated with such change, can, if not well managed, be significantly distracting and can have a negative impact on individual, team and firm productivity and effectiveness.

In our experience a difficult transition often has multiple, complex aspects for the leader.  When exposed in the midst of that transition, seeking to satisfy commercial demands, emotional and logistical readjustment, political imperatives within the organisation that they may not be aware of, and family pressures, the risk is that that they fail to deliver a return on investment fast enough, fail to align and inspire their team, get hijacked by their own emotional responses into enacting inappropriate behaviour, or make assumptions which may lead them down the wrong route, sometimes with serious consequences.

Through it all, they need to excel under pressure.

I achieved more in three [coaching] sessions than I’d normally achieve in a year [with other coaches].