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Published articles

We are privileged to have had our article ‘Key Factors in Wellbeing and Why They Matter’ published in ILPA Monthly, the journal of the Immigration Law Practitioners' Association. Read it here:

Key Factors in Wellbeing and Why They Matter (.pdf)

Leading through transition

The only thing that ever stays the same in our working lives - and indeed our lives beyond work - is the fact that everything changes.  Organisations change their perspectives in response to prevailing conditions (political, economic, social, technical, financial and global).  Takeovers, mergers and acquisitions, relocations, downsizings and expansions bring new working conditions and shifts in organisational culture, both explicit and implicit, both designed and accidental.  Executives' personal situations change as careers and career development evolve, relationships develop, partners' careers refocus, and children grow and seek - and find - their own directions.